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Wim and Magdel Vorster are the owners and operators of Wild Web Africa.

Wild Web Africa is the brainchild of Wim and was created just over five years ago. After time spent in the African bush as field guides and camp managers, and Wim establishing himself as a known wildlife photographer, they realized it’s not enough to convey a powerful conservation message. More recently they have decided to also embark on a journey in wildlife filmmaking, hoping to reach a larger audience.

Wild Web Africa’s aim is to become a leader and authority on African wildlife and ecology, furthering wildlife education, supporting wildlife research and conservation efforts, as well as helping people around the world experience Africa’s natural heritage to the full, be it in digital format (videos & images) or via real-life experiences (safaris).

Wild Web Africa’s purpose is to educate, inform and create a greater awareness of African wildlife through an easy to use, attractive and up to date website maintained by wildlife professionals.

We are keen wildlife naturalists and are very passionate about conserving natural habitats & it’s inhabiting wildlife.



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