Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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We spent 6 months with the Gosa Gang, filming a family of meerkats on Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, South Africa. Watch this short trailer to get an idea what the meerkats (and us) got up to. Enjoy! 

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Hippo territorial display

Feel free to browse through my best images, just click on this photo and you'll be taken to my "Portfolio of wildlife images". These are my personal favourites that I hand picked myself.

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Photographic guiding & Specialist safaris

In search of a well qualified and experienced field and photographic guide? Wim would love to take you on an African safari and share his bush and wildlife photography knowledge with you anytime.

Sunday, 09 March 2014 06:00

THIS IS IT!!! My 10 best and most favourite wildlife images of last year. I hope that everybody enjoyed my "Top 60 images of 2013" over the past 8 weeks. I've already been on two trips to the bush this year and the pressure is definitely on to produce images that's on par with the ones in this collection. I'm already looking forward to sharing my "Best images of 2014" with you guys early next year! I not only used photographic elements like light, colour and composition, but I also looked at my subject matter and the difficulty of getting a good shot of that specific species in it's natural habitat. If you didn't see the other images in my 2013 collection just click on the links on the left side of my photo blog pages. Enjoy!

Pangolin's tongue

1. The impressive long tongue of a  pangolin.

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Africa Geographic - July 2013

Africa Geographic article

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Researcher with VHF antenna